Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I dropped James off at daycare this morning, a little later than I normally would at 8am. He already had his morning bottle and breakfast, so he was able to play with the other kids that were there (3- 3 yr old girls, 1- 5 mo old girl, 1- 12 yr old girl who is an older sibling of 3 yr old and she "helps")

I stayed for about half an hour, explaining our usual schedule and that James will have his nap in a while. I think naps will be the challenge- I'm not sure if he'll lay down like he does at home and whether our naps at home will be disrupted. I guess we'll see!

Well, I felt really comfortable leaving James. He didn't even notice me leave :( I miss him already but I know he'll have fun and be completely worn out and happy to see me at 2 or whenever I go pick him up (undecided at this point, I work until 1pm).

Think happy thoughts for us that James is doing well!

See new pictures in albums "August" and "Mom & James".

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