Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

James misses his Daddy! He has his "Dad Thinks He's in Charge" tshirt on. He insists he's man of the house for now! :)

P.M. update: Its 7:30 and I'm listening to James cry. Its very sad. I want to say that he misses his Daddy but I know its just been harder and harder to put James to bed. Some nights its okay but others he screams/cries so hard, I try to get him dressed after his bath and to the bottle as fast as possible. He then pushes the bottle away and until you can calm him down (by singing, rocking, whatever) he doesn't take the bottle or fall asleep. Tonight's attempt was unsuccessful. I had to stop because James was physically hurting my arm with his legs- he was pushing at me with all of his strength. I thought it was his way of saying "Let me go!" He is a strong 22 pound baby!

I don't plan on letting him CIO. I can't listen to the crying for too long. I'll go back up and try to rock him again. I don't know what else to do. I think its just been a long two days. Uneventful, no fussing, but mainly missing Jim. I don't know how single Moms can do it!

James and I stayed at home (too hot) until about 1pm when we picked up my friend Anna and headed over to the district office. My boss cancelled my meeting with him (rescheduled for 8/13, argh) but I still met with another girl about some website work. Anna came with me so that if I needed my hands, she could hold James :) She also just WANTED to hold James!

We caused quite the commotion when we entered the building. The switchboard/receptionist LOVES James and fusses over him. She got on her headset and called a couple of the other office women over to see the "cute baby". It was a good 5-7 minutes before we got past the main entryway to my meeting. This happens every time I take James to a school/office! (M-O-M says this is the family curse- to be so beautiful, smart, and talented that people fall all over themselves to be near us. Haha.)

Well, ten minutes are nearly up. I hate letting James cry. I seriously just needed to recuperate before trying again. He's quieting down so maybe he's asleep or almost there. Poor baby!

We miss Jim (Dada)!
Lisa and James

7:45pm- I didn't even make it upstairs and there is not a peep from James' room! I'm waiting another ten minutes before I check to make sure he's really asleep. I think he is.

Late Late Late update (11pm): Can't sleep. James has stayed asleep though- not a peep!! The power went out at around 8pm. I thought maybe it was a fuse but I went outside and saw several neighbors doing the same thing, going out to check if other houses were out too. Yup. I called Jim immediately to see if I needed to do anything, besides not open the fridge/freezer. Nope. Just locate flashlights in case it stayed out for a while. Luckily, it all came back on at 10pm. I was getting pretty bored with no tv, no computer, and no reading light! I was also getting really paranoid about not having the baby monitor on. I really rely on it to tell me if James is okay (the breathing/movement sensor). I probably checked James three or four times, using the flashlight, to make sure he wasn't pressed up against the crib bumper or against a stuffed animal. Once he was pretty close to the bumper so I grabbed his legs and pulled him away. Paranoid Mama!

Jim called me back about 10 minutes after the lights came back on. He was glad to hear we wouldn't be in the dark and without a/c. The lights flickered on and off several times while we talked, but luckily they stayed on.

Jim is anxious to come home. He's had a busy two days- lots of traveling and meetings. Yuck. We'll be glad to have him home!!!

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