Monday, July 30, 2007

Tauer weekend

Grandpa Roger came to visit on Saturday, and then Grandma Laura, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Kathy came to visit on Sunday for breakfast. We invited all of the Tauers over for Sunday breakfast to celebrate Jim's birthday but Grandpa Roger couldn't make it because of his sheriff reserve duty.

We made a big breakfast! James was still napping when the Tauers came over, but I woke him up at 10:30 so that he could visit with the rest of us. He was a happy little boy, crawling, playing, and socializing with everyone. I think they were all very impressed with his standing, cruising, and crawling skills.

James is still doing the "three legged" crawl, as Jim calls it. He scoots around pretty quickly! So quickly that there was a small accident on Saturday. On Friday I noticed that James has discovered the stairs. I was curious what he would do and watched him climb up one stair. He fell backward but didn't hurt himself, landing on the doormat. I told Jim that we needed to get a safety gate ASAP so we bought one on Saturday morning. Well, Jim started to assemble the gate as soon as we got home and that's when James decided to explore. He made it up to the 3rd stair before Jim realized he was climbing, he ran to get James but was a second too late to catch him. James fell to the bottom and cried for a good 2-3 minutes. No harm done but Jim and I were both sorry that we didn't give him more credit- he is able to climb, explore, and get into trouble! I take some responsibility for the fall because I didn't notice him climbing either :(

So the safety gate is installed and we shouldn't have any more stairs accidents. Pretty soon we'll get one for the top of the stairs, but we're placing it before the catwalk because we don't even want James to play near the railing. And the basement door is permanently closed now, so no falling down the stairs.

Anyway, the big news around this house is that Jim is gone! He is safely in Colorado/Nebraska- he left a message a 1pm. I missed the call and was getting worried that he hadn't called, but then I saw the message. Phew! I was ready to get online and check the flight status!

James and I have kept busy. During James' first nap I made baby food, did the morning clean-up**, and washed our clothes. It was a busy morning. To break up the day, we went shopping after his nap. We headed to Marshall's to "browse" but ended up getting three board books for James. We got Time for Bed, I Love My Mommy Because..., and My Big Truck Book. Yay! (Jim, the Mommy book is just like your Daddy book! We have a pair now :)

After Marshall's we went to Starbucks. James needed a bottle and I knew they had comfy chairs. I (Mommy) had an iced coffee. Yum.

Target was next. We needed milk and I also needed to buy apples to make baby applesauce. Its one of James' favorites and I use it all the time, pairing it with vegies. We love Target! I didn't get anything "fun" but some more foods to make baby food. To me that's fun!

James is taking his afternoon nap now. All is well! I don't have any afternoon plans but I'm thinking it might be a good day to bring out the baby pool :) We'll see if I feel amibitious!

Jimmy, we miss you! I'm keeping myself busy so that the time goes by quickly.

(I haven't added any new pictures today. By the time Jimmy reads this tonight, I should have a picture or two up so he can see James today.)

Lisa and James

**Mom's know best. I told Grandma Rosie (aka M-O-M) that now I know why she forced us to sweep the floors daily when we were kids. I'm now sweeping more than ever and James is just a baby! I don't know how we make such a mess! Mom's know best- she knew what she was doing! What valuable lessons :)

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