Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Dada!

Today is Jim's birthday! James doesn't quite realize what a birthday is but he did give his Daddy a present today. All morning he's been practicing saying "da da da". I think he did this in his Daddy's honor!

We are mainly celebrating this weekend. The Tauers are coming over on Sunday, and then the next weekend my family will be here. James will be very loved!

Jim is very loved too! He has been a wonderful Daddy and husband! Happy Birthday Jiminy!

James is crawling around like crazy today. He's finally taking a nap. He really didn't take one this morning, which was too bad because I think I could have used one :) I would have thought that with all the crawling, standing, and "cruising" around the furniture that he would be worn out!

Jim has a business trip next week. I don't know how James and I will survive without him!

Our daycare provider, Sandra, just called to say hi. She is excited to have James start next month. We had mentioned getting together for a "playdate" of sorts (so I can meet the other kids and see them interact with James), but its been too hot. We don't even dare go out today because of the temperature and humidity. Yuck.

We love you Jim (Daddy)!
From Goosy and Nene

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