Thursday, July 12, 2007


We found our daycare! We had two meetings with Sandra on Monday and then Tuesday (Jim went on Tues.). We really felt good about our conversations with Sandra and I felt good about the interactions I saw while the daycare was in action on Monday afternoon. She is great with her kids and I think James will be well cared for and loved. I'm excited for him to play with other kids and have a different kind of fun than he has with me.

So on Wednesday I called Sandra's references and her families raved about her care. Her kids love her, her parents say that she is very reliable, consistent, and teaches their children really positive lessons in behavior, manners, and routines (feeding, napping, potty training, etc).

I called today to ask if we can reserve our spot at her daycare and she accepted! We are working out our contract and will decide when James will start. I officially start work on 8/20 so we're thinking James will go for a day or half days the week before.

Yesterday to celebrate our good news and just to greet Jim (Daddy) as he came home, James and I set up the table with a tablecloth and paper plates (originally we wanted to eat on the deck but it was too windy). James and I made Tia Ana's chipotle chicken skewers and garlic bread, corn on the cob, and then had brownie caramel sundaes for dessert. We surprised Jim at the door with our festive table. (Pics in the baby album)

James and I had a pleasant day. After his morning nap we went to my district office to turn in my timecard for my website work, where we ran into several of the secretaries who are in love with James. James smiled lots and wooed them all! One of the ladies said that James should be a baby model because he is gorgeous. I agree! I am in love with his little face, chubby legs, and sunshine smile.

After the office, we went to Target to pick up some baby wash/shampoo. I'm switching brands because James seems to develop skin rashes, bumps, and red spots- not necessarily after his bath but sometimes. I think the more natural product that I chose will help. I hope! He has the most wonderful soft baby skin :)

Thanks for reading this!

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