Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa Larry!

Grandpa Larry is a young 32 y.o. today! (hahahahahaha)

James was a social butterfly today! We met my friend Jolene and her two kids, Caitlynn (8) and Jase (6) at Rosedale for lunch today. I can't believe how big her kids are! They are very well mannered and easy to talk to. I'm already planning for Caitlynn to be a future babysitter :) Jolene looked great- she is very fit, probably due to her basic training (reserves?) in the last year. Gone is the goofy, burpy, and ahem, obnoxious in a good way friend that I used to know- she's a mommy lady now!

After lunch we stopped by my old college friend Chris Petersen's office in Roseville. We had lost touch and I was shocked to find out that his kids are 4 and 2! I didn't even know he had a daughter! They are beautiful kids- with very, very blond hair! Chris was a natural with James- it was shocking to me to see Chris so at ease with a baby but it makes sense since he is a daddy of two now!

And then we stopped to visit Tio Rich, also in Roseville. It was a pleasant surprise, I hope, for him. We got to see his new office and James smiled very big for him. Tio is one of his favorite people! Rich and Ana have a very genuine, enthusiastic way with James. They can get that deep bellied giggle out of James that we can't always get from him. I don't take offense to this, I figure its just new enthusiasm and energy that they bring!

I was a bit worried about James' behavior for today. He woke up at 5am for a bottle and then didn't get up until nearly 8am! Shocker! I usually wait for James to get up and then I also do. I was shocked to see it was nearly 8am and so I got us both up for the day. James did not have a morning nap because of our late morning, except for in the car to Rosedale. It all ended up well. He was pretty well behaved, but showed some resistance to the stroller again. Caitlynn kept a good eye on James and played with him while she helped push the stroller around the mall.

I was surprised when James resisted his afternoon nap until nearly 3pm. He went down for almost 1 1/2 hours.

James had a couple of new foods today. At lunch Jolene gave James bits of mac n cheese and he seemed to like it. During the afternoon nap I baked chicken and then put it through the food processor. I mixed some of it with some pureed/chopped mixed vegies and it resembled coleslaw! James loved it! He's never eaten so much at a meal before. He had 2 cubes of applesauce and probably the same amount of chicken/vegies. I'm so proud of our little man! He's quite the eater!

As I type this, father and son are playing tennis on our Wii system. James is very content at his Daddy's feet and interested in the screen but also at Daddy swinging wildly- playing tennis.

Argh! James is clicking/grinding his new teeth. Its one of those sounds that you can compare to nails on a chalkboard!!

Thanks for reading this long entry for today!
It was a good day :)

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