Monday, July 23, 2007

Almost Jim's Birthday

ames is getting excited to celebrate his Daddy's birthday. Jim will be at pool on his actual birthday but we are celebrating throughout the weekend, just the three of us. I plan on making a birthday cake of Jim's request (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting).

We had a quiet weekend again. Jim came home from work early on Friday (4pm) and decided to pay his Mom a visit. At the last moment it was decided that Jim would take James, even though James was due for a bottle within that hour. It was going to be a short visit anyway so Jim took James to visit his grandma. They were back 45 or so minutes later and James got his bottle. He doesn't miss a meal!

On Saturday we didn't end up having any plans so we did our necessary errands of grocery shopping and buying my Harry Potter book! I finished the book on Sunday afternoon. I can't believe I read that entire book in about a day. Sorry, James, if I didn't concentrate on playing with you! Daddy did a great job of covering my slack :)

On Sunday Tia Ana and Tio Rich came to visit and brought breakfast. James was still napping but when he woke up there was an active play time with his Tia.

Sorry there are no pictures from the weekend, I was too busy reading and keeping up with James' cruising! (James loves to walk, holding on to the furniture!)

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