Friday, July 6, 2007

Eight months old!

James is 8 months old today! He is a different baby, even just from last month. This month's accomplishments include crawling, pulling to kneeling/standing, more foods, standing, taking steps while standing, and probably much more that I'm forgetting!

Oh! The biggest news is that James slept through the night last night!!! FINALLY! I'm not quite sure why this happened. I did play extra hard with him last night- stealing some tricks from Tia Ana and Tio Rich- crawling around on the floor with him, growling, hiding behind furniture and popping out at him. It was exhausting (for me!) And then at the bath time, I let him roll around naked for a bit before putting a diaper on him. The diaper after a bath is the hardest diaper of the day. He SCREAMS and refuses to lie still. I figured if he peed while rolling around, we would just repeat the bath. But he was fine. He rolled, air dried, and then I dressed him. Maybe because he was happier, he slept better? Who knows!

Jim worked from home today and I hope he didn't regret it. James was unusually fussy off and on today. He finally accepted a bottle at 1pm and then was a bit better. He just wouldn't take the bottle and kept pushing the bottle away, and squirming. I know he was hungry but I couldn't force it.

James and I enjoyed the sun today as we sat on the deck. Me in my chair, and James in his Bumbo seat. I'm finding that the Bumbo seat is the only way to keep him still lately- he is crawling constantly now! The playpen is making an appearance this week because we need a safe place to put him as we cook dinner or even leave the living room! We're headed to BabiesRUs tomorrow for childproofing items like outlet covers, cabinet locks, etc.

Daycare update: Out of 11 calls that I made on Friday, 7 were not taking infants. By law providers are only allowed a certain number of infants (1 or 2? out of 10 children) and so spots are hard to come by. I left 4 messages and one provider did call me back! We're going to stop over on Monday to interview/visit. She sounded very nice. We shall see!

Thanks for reading this! Please explore this babysite for past journal entries and baby photo albums.

New pictures (of course!) in Baby Albums "July" and "8 months old!" James wore his Flames babylegs for our pictures today. I love them!

The videos below are from our July 1st zoo visit and then from today. Today's video is an example of James crawling away :)

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