Sunday, July 1, 2007

First trip to the zoo!

We had planned on a zoo trip last weekend but James was sick. We did go today and we had lots of fun! I know the zoo was probably more fun for Jim and I, James probably will enjoy the zoo more next spring/summer. BUT we do plan on going often- we bought a zoo membership! This next weekend the zoo has a Minnesota Trails exhibit reopening and it looked pretty cool from the outside. We'll definitely go back this summer.

We knew it would be a short trip and there were a couple of places we knew would be really fun for us- and they were all indoors. Our first stop was the butterfly gardens, where butterflies were flying free in a greenhouse sort of area. James was pretty interested in following their flight. We saw several pretty butterflies resting on pretty flowers. We took several pictures and they're in the baby album "First Zoo Trip".

Our next stop was the Tropics Trail. We walked through the trail pretty fast because we knew the Coral reef was at the end. We knew that the fish swimming would capture James' attention. He did seem pretty interested for a while- of course his attention span is pretty brief :)

Our last stop was the Discovery Bay. The picture on this homepage took me by surprise because I thought I was taking a picture of Jim and James with fish in the background. The shark scared me because I wasn't expecting it in the picture! Too bad its a blurry picture, but its pretty neat. At Discovery Bay we also saw dolphins, but there weren't any good picture opportunities because they were busy doing a show.

James did very well with our trip to the zoo. It was the easiest diaper change and bottle yet (on the road)- which are usually a bit more difficult than usual. We (the parents) did very well and did NOT buy James the entire gift shop. There were lots of toys and tempting souvenirs but we thought we should go back when James is a bit older and could play more with those toys. We ended up getting him a great cloth book with lots of sea animals and fish. Can't go wrong with a book!

On the way home, we stopped by Grandma Laura's house to deliver some homemade peach ice cream. There are a couple of pictures of Grandma and James playing on the floor in baby album "June".

Thanks for reading this! No big plans for the week, but check back soon :)

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