Friday, June 29, 2007


Its the end of the week! The week went by so slow. I guess because I was on high alert with James' fever and then rash. We have our happy baby back! Still struggling with naps, still waking up once a night. I'm waiting to try the CIO techniques. The examples I've been reading in the book are from extreme situations, where parents are getting up 5 times a night! Or babies are staying awake for hours when they wake up. I guess we have it okay with one wake-up at 3am, for only 20 minutes while we diaper and feed.

BUT I have to figure out what daycares do for naps. What if they CIO it anyway? I don't know what they do for naps, if they would take the time to rock him or soothe him to sleep. I'll find this out next week! I've been calling a couple of home daycares and we have an appointment (or interview) with a lady that I feel reallly good about. She lives near our local library, which is on the way to my work. BUT her location will be a problem when the construction starts on Hwy 65. That intersection will be closed off and I'll have to figure out some way to get to her house.

I found out that I start work on August 20th. A little sooner than I was told before. So I need to get going on James' daycare. It might take a while to figure out our arrangements and I'd like for him to start a day or two before the 20th.

Tia Ana and Tio Rich are coming over tonight! I'm excited to see some peeps! Even with errands, I've felt a little isolated at home.

Our plans today: cook a feast! play lots! and hopefully nap lots so I can take a shower! :)

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