Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Monday!

2:30 update:
Just added a new video to the bottom after trying out pacifeeder for the first time. I bought this for Jim when he thought he'd be a Stay-at-Home-Dad and juggling work and James. James had a good first few minutes but then got terribly fussy. I don't think it had anything to do with the pacifeeder because he didn't take the regular bottle, or an ice cube, and then had to be rocked to sleep. Poor James. And this is after I bragged about how he's doing well with his teething!

Morning: Its my first full week at home with Baby James. So far we've had a good start. He's taking his morning nap and I'm going to rush around and get some things done around the house. I've made out my to-do list for today and I've already got 3 of 6 things accomplished :)

I keep forgetting to update this babysite with this important news: James has FOUR teeth coming in on the top! The middle teeth were really obvious but there are some itty bitty teeth coming in next to them. The teething hasn't been too bad. He's been a little fussy but nothing major. Usually if you can distract him with a toy or by picking him up, he stops crying.

James slept through the night! He must have known it was MY turn :) We have changed our nightly routine by a lot- James now has a nightly bath, some wind down time in his room, a book read to him, and the last bottle of the night. He falls asleep pretty well with all that. No trouble with the last two nights. Last night's difference was that because its a little warm in his room, we left a fan on his room all night. I don't know if its the constant white noise that he likes?

I say he slept through, but he did wake up at 5am. I quickly went to his room and turned on his Baby Tad music. He fell asleep for another hour, up at 6am! It was a little earlier than I'd like, but we called it the start of our day. I came downstairs with James, made coffee and scrambled eggs for Jim and myself, while James watched his video. The morning is one of the few times that I'm going to allow him to watch the video. Maybe a little at night, but we're going to limit his TV time. He's getting much better about entertaining himself with his toys, so maybe the video isn't needed as much.

We went to the grocery store as a family, James handled the grocery cart a little better but I decided to go on the hunt for a good grocery cart cover. We found one at Marshall's yesterday and I hope it makes a difference. I can't imagine not being able to shop with James!

We had a nice weekend. Its going to be a hot week, but I hope James and I can make it outside for a walk or maybe to play on the grass.

A couple of new pictures are in the June album.

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