Saturday, June 23, 2007


UPDATE 8:30pm: James' temperature went down to 98 degrees in the early evening. He seemed to be back to normal. He became whiny at 7pm and so I went through our nighttime routine a little earlier, thinking he's hungry or tired. I took his temperature again and its back up to almost 102 degrees :( I can't give him more Motrin until after 10:30pm, so when he wakes up later tonight (this is a given!) I'll give him more. Crossing my fingers that he'll sleep well!

Oh, and I think I definitely am sick. Of course the focus is not on ME- I can handle it! But my head is pounding and I'm groggy. I hate being sick!

See the video below! When he was acting normally this afternoon I caught him on video crawling/dragging himself forward! Not quite crawling because its not on his hands and knees, but it was pretty exciting!

UPDATE 2:30pm: At 12:00 James had a 103.3 temperature! It went up from the morning so we called the doctor. They suggested that we bring James in to urgent care because they've had some viruses going around. We took James after his bottle and after giving him some more baby Tylenol. At the doctor's office the nurse took his temperature and it had gone way down to normal, but the doctor said she was certain he still had a fever. He was still "ultra-sensitive" to light, touch, and sound. I did notice he was a little limp in my arms, BUT pretty alert. He was the best behaved little baby in the waiting room- you couldn't tell he was sick!

So they ruled out an ear infection (as of today) and his throat was clear. The doctor suggested adding Motrin to his medications and alternating it with the baby Tylenol. We are to go back if his temperature stays high by Monday.

7am: James was pretty upset/fussy yesterday, almost as soon as Jim walked through the door coming home from work. I worry sometimes that this will scare Jim away! James ended up going down okay after his nighttime routine, but he woke up at 12:30am, and then at 2:30am very, very fussy. Jim was awake with him for more than an hour trying to get him to go back to sleep. I helped towards the end and we got James to sleep. Jim then mentioned that he thought James felt a little hot. I hadn't noticed and because he was already asleep we didn't take his temperature. At 5:30 James woke up again, crabby, and noticeably hot. I took his temperature and he does have a fever! Its not much of one but enough that we're going to cancel our plans for today.

Originally we planned to go to the zoo. Even without the fever, I don't know if we would have ended up going. Jim, I'm sure will be very tired. I was also awake most of the time, hearing James crying and hearing Jim tending to him. I guess both of us will be tired.

So we'll stick close to home and hope that James will be okay. He's awake and not himself, but not too bad. He's watching his video. I've been able to get him to smile so I feel good about that. And hopefully the Baby Tylenol will work wonders! This is the first time that James has been sick! I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday, actually laying down for a nap and feeling achy. I know that *I* can't be sick because I have to take care of James!

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