Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Career Day

James explored a career today by visiting his Tia Ana at the Yost & Baill law firm in downtown Minneapolis. I think he enjoyed his visit- maybe he'll become our next family attorney! The women at the law firm went nuts for James. He was very smiley and happy. We (Ana and I) just about died when he grabbed this woman's face very hard and wouldn't let go. I think she's okay and not scarred. I guess I'm used to the hair pulling, face grabbing, and hitting. All very mild, usually, but worse when he's crabbypants!

Speaking of crabbypants, James didn't want to go down for the night when his Daddy tried tonight. I think he's getting too used to ME- its all that bonding during the day- and he could have just been fussy anyway. I hope Jim doesn't get discouraged because he's a great Daddy! James still lights up when Jim gets down on the floor and plays with him. Yesterday Jim had James in complete, total happiness and laughter when they were playing with a puppet. I've never heard James laugh so enthusiastically.

In the June album there are a couple of pictures from yesterday's party on the lawn. James and I sat on blankets and watched the ducks (kind of) and enjoyed the shade/sun. He was really curious about the grass and seemed very interested in exploring. We had to go inside early because he spit up and I wasn't prepared. It figures that I had everything else imaginable outside except for a burp cloth or something to wipe him up with.

We tried our new grocery cart cover at Target today with a bit more success. James didn't cry or fuss until we were at the checkout line, standing still. The grocery cart cover is really cool because it has a soft steering wheel attached with a horn, teething keys, a play radio, and other little things to look at. Its much more interesting than the cheapie one I just returned to Target. Yay Marshall's!

This last weekend we also bought a new car seat for James. Its for big boys! It will be his seat until he is 40 lbs. When James is one year old, we can turn the seat so that it faces forward. The next seat will be a booster seat- that's at least a couple of years away!

James is still working on crawling. We laugh when he's rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. He gets this goofy grin on his face at first, but then gets frustrated when he doesn't go anywhere. I hope he crawls or shows progress soon, for his sake. He's such an independent little boy. Today I was amazed that he was feeding himself the bottle, all by himself! I started the bottle, with him laying on the Boppy (Tia Kiki style), and then he just reached up and grabbed the bottle. He had such a good grip that I let go and let him feed himself for at least a minute or so. Its a great start! I'll be a little sad when he doesn't need me to help though. I can just tell that he's going to be a strong little boy. This makes me happy because I don't want him to be shy and insecure like I was when I was pretty little (and big!)

That's all the news I have! Have a great rest of the week!

Sorry, Grandma Rosie, that there aren't more pictures. I know you want new ones every day but I honestly just forget sometimes. What am I thinking?!?!!

Father's Day is coming up! Jim's first!

Please see the videos below, one is "Not Camera Shy" and the other is "Teething tantrum". They are both from the last couple of days. I figured out how to make the videos private on youtube, but I'm still able to post them here.

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