Tuesday, June 26, 2007

No beer for life?!

This is what I thought was in James' future. James woke up with no fever! Yay! But half an hour after his breakfast of his bottle and then barley cereal with bananas and nectarines, he broke out into a rash on his legs, arms, and parts of his stomach. I immediately thought it was a food allergy to the barley cereal. I don't know why I tried to reintroduce a new food to him right after his illness. So I looked up the food allergy symptoms and they kind of fit. I was imagining not being able to have barley ever and the horror of no beer!

Someone on a message board instead suggested it was roseola, caused by a virus. Roseola usually follows a fever with increased fussiness and is a pink/reddish raised rash on the legs, creases of elbows/knees, and on the trunk. The description exactly matched James' symptoms.

I had put in a call to the doctor and they pretty much confirmed the roseola. So it will go away within a few days but we're confined to home still. He could be contagious. There isn't anything to do but continue the Motrin/Tylenol. And I'm supposed to call the doctor back if James develops any different symptoms. Though I think the fussiness is enough for me! I thought I was going to go slightly crazy if there wasn't any explanation for the constant crying this morning.

I've cancelled a work appointment tomorrow and I turned down a dentist appointment too (they called with an opening)- I need to be home with my baby!

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