Sunday, June 24, 2007


This will be quick because I know James will wake up from his nap very soon. He always does when I log in!

James still has a slight temperature but he seems to be okay. The last time I checked his temp was 100.4 (100.3 is the max normal for rectal temp- TMI!) Oh, as long as we're sharing this kind of information- James is also constipated, straining to poop. He has hard poops. I've been giving him Gerber prunes with applesauce baby food. I hope it helps! I also read to give him high fiber fruits like apricots/nectarines.

He's been taking long naps. This afternoon nap is now past 2 hours long. I took advantage of the time and went to Target to stock up on his diapers, baby food ingredients, rice cereal, baby juice, baby yogurt (new!) I also bought Jim and I some ice cream treats :)

I also bought James some swim pants/diapers. We have a kiddie pool so when he's feeling better we'll blow it up and let him cool off in the pool. I can't wait :)

So James is doing fine. He's not too crabby anymore, but I'm just waiting for him to be back to his usual, happy, wonderful baby self!

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