Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Playdate at the Children's Museum

James and I traveled all the way to St. Paul today to meet with a Multicultural Mommies group at the Children's Museum. We didn't explore too much of the museum but just the Habitot area, where kids are encouraged to crawl, explore, feel, and learn about nature. The baby area was a padded pond. There were leap pad pillows, stuffed frogs and beavers, chewable stuffed reeds, and water toys. James was more interested in the other babies. I was so glad to see him respond so well to other children! The picture is another Multicultural baby named Chloe. Her Mom was very nice and we said we would look for each other at the next playdate. I was so glad to meet someone nice, which was the point of joining one of those groups!

James became very, very fussy at the changing station at the museum. He's never responded so much to those hard, plastic changing tables. He screamed so much, I was becoming really terrified there was something else wrong. Maybe it was the big poop?! (He seems to wait until we're out in public to poop!)

So, continuing about the Mommy group, there was four other Moms total. Actually, one was a nanny who wanted to join to have other adults/children to play with. Everyone was very nice. I guess the other playdates haven't been well attended. I'm just hoping to go to the ones that sound interesting to me, that James would enjoy, or those that are close to us. I didn't mind the St. Paul one today because I had hoped the Museum would be fun for James. I can't wait to go back when James is older! There were whole areas of the museum that I peeked into (but didn't go into) because James was too little. They have a rooftop art area that kids were coming downstairs from, with mosaic art. Cool!

We have another playdate scheduled for Thursday. The Mom's group is having a park playdate in Coon Rapids. Oh, and on Friday we're meeting Grandma Laura at our own Lakes playground.

I've watched James pull himself up twice today! Or at least try to. We were sitting on the couch and I had him facing the window. He loves to look out the window! He actually grabbed the back of the couch and pulled himself up, using his elbow to push himself up (against my shoulder- ouch) and then he was standing! A little awkwardly, but it was definitely standing!

The second time was when I put him the crib to play while I was getting ready for our playdate. I came back into his room to check on him and he was using both hands to pull up on the crib railing! His bottom was off the mattress! Oh wow, I told Jim that we definitely need to lower that crib mattress tonight. I had a horrible vision of James pulling himself up and falling out of the crib, head first. Even right now he's taking a nap in the crib but I'm on high alert for any activity in there.

James had a good day yesterday with his solids. In the morning he had a feast of apples, pumpkin, and rice cereal. There are some pictures in the June album and then a short video below. In the afternoon he had a feast of mashed potatoes, pears, and carrots. Yum-o.

Today's menu: green beans and apples. This wasn't well received!

Well, it was a happy, full day. I don't have any definite plans for tomorrow but to get myself organized and do some work from home (I have some summer hours to work on my district's website). I have a couple of errands to run but mostly I need to get this baby on a regular schedule. Today is pretty screwed up due to relying on the car ride for his nap time. I hope it all ends up well! :)

Thanks for reading this long journal entry!

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