Saturday, June 16, 2007

The week flew by!

It really did! All of a sudden it was Friday and I knew I would have Jim home with us for the weekend. It just seemed like such a busy, full week.

James woke up pretty early this morning, and though it was my turn to sleep in I woke up with him. I couldn't sleep anyway because my back is aching. Probably just slept funny on it. Well, I guess we can call this an early Father's day present- Jim is sleeping in! (He gets tomorrow too.)

Do you see the picture? These are Jim's Father's Day presents. I am horrible about secrets and presents. I've been tempted to give Jim his presents early because I can't stand the waiting. I've had one of them for weeks now. Jim is good about waiting though.

James is a great baby! He has been really good all week, hardly any fuss. He still isn't sleeping through the night, despite our efforts at a nighttime routine, but maybe it will come soon.

Today James and I are going to make an appearance at a wedding shower. Its Jim's second cousin who is getting married. She also has a baby and I hope he'll be there too! We won't stay for too long because I feel like Jim hasn't spent too much time with James, and I haven't had much alone time myself. I'm anxious to get back home! I'm also not sure about entertaining James in a strange place for longer than an hour.

Well, a weekend update will be soon. Especially after Father's Day!

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