Wednesday, June 6, 2007

7 months old!

James is 7 months old today. I finally took my usual monthly pictures tonight because this morning I had to rush off to drop James off at Elizabeth's and then go to work.

There is a new video on this front page of James and his attempts to crawl. Poor James, he is getting pretty frustrated, I think. He is going to be really independent, I know it. I think when he starts moving around on his own he'll be happy.

Today was James' last day with Elizabeth and Alex. The two boys have been playing really well with each other. I guess when James cries or is fussy, Alex would try to soothe him by giving him a toy. Cute! Elizabeth and I talked about getting together for playdates this summer.

Hope you enjoy the pictures in Baby Albums "June" and "7 months old!!"

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