Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend update

First, you probably want to know about the sombrero. The sombrero is a gift from Tia Ana and Tio Rich's trip to El Paso and Juarez, Mexico. They go on a business trip every year and this is the souvenir they brought back for James- the lucky boy! I LOVE IT! I actually brought out a craft project that I put away months ago- a monkey hook that I needed to paint, so that I could hang up the sombrero in James' room.

This weekend my family- Grandma Rose and Larry, Tia Ana and Tio Rich- came to visit. We were supposed to go to HS Grad Open House but it ended up being at 6pm, which is way too late to visit Chanhassen, especially with James. So Grandma Rose and Larry came over to our house after stopping at the party. We already had a party started over at our house with Ana and Rich. :)

On Saturday James and I ran errands, shopping for Jim's Father's day gifts. Yay! But I'm close to ruining the surprise gifts- I want to give them to Jim very badly. It will be hard to wait another two weeks.

I have only three/four days of work left! On Thursday I plan on taking James with me to my very short work day, but also to say goodbye to my co-workers and students for the summer. James has three more days with Elizabeth and Alex. Its worked out so well, I'm so glad!

I joined some Mommy groups for the summer. One is for Multicultural families and then an Anoka County Mom's group. I hope to fill our days with fun activities and playdates!

Please see our pictures in Baby Album "May" and "June". And a silly album in Family Albums, "Bafat". Bafat is Tia Ana's stuffed bunny.

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