Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy 30th B-day Tia Kiki!

James is napping so I'm taking a moment to pass along his message to his Tia. We are missing her and loving her mucho! What is Tia up to today?

Please see yesterday's journal entry if you haven't already. I wrote a long one!

Today's news: Well, last night we lowered James' mattress in his crib. I was so worried that he'd pull himself up and fall out of the crib. Now the crib mattress is so low that I'm worried about my back as I have to lower him into the crib. This is hard when you're trying to be careful with a sleeping baby in your arms, trying not to jostle him too much and wake him! The side of the crib drops down but then you run the risk of waking him with the noise when you raise it back up. ARGH!

James is down for a nap. This is a relief. I could tell that he was so tired but he wasn't falling asleep with my normal methods. He refused to be rocked, didn't need a bottle, had a clean diaper. All his needs were met but he just cried. Finally I got him pretty drowsy and I lowered him down into the crib. I was upset because he started to whine again and cry. I could see his eyes were still closed so I thought maybe he would stop whining after a bit. Sure enough, he kind of soothed himself to sleep. Relief!

Last night I need to soothe MYSELF to sleep. At 10:30pm James woke up unexpectedly. We had just gone to bed ourselves within that hour so I was a little cranky and tired. It took me almost an hour and a half to get him back to sleep! I don't know what was wrong. I tried EVERYTHING. I even gave him another bottle though I knew he didn't need one. Finally he went back to sleep at around 12:10am. He was out for the rest of the night, thankfully. Even waking up a little late at 7:30am.

Thinking of Tia Kristina today!