Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I waited a couple of days to update, waiting for something newsworthy to report and also to give myself a break. I will be updating this less often so that I can spend time with James and do things for myself. Sorry if this disappoints anyone. I will probably be holding back pictures for a while too.

So we went back to the home daycare this evening for a 2nd interview/visit. Jim did like the lady (Sandra) and thought the home was suitable. He really wasn't enthusiastic but not because of the daycare itself, just the idea. He's feeling sad about putting James in daycare. I don't think I feel sad because I know its something that a lot of people do. James will be well taken care of, and he will probably have more fun with the other kids than at home. (I've heard this is true from teacher friends and from what I've read online.)

So, we are checking references tomorrow and I'm calling the county social worker to check on her licensure and complaint record (standard).

James is continuing his STTN (sleep through the night) streak! We are becoming a well-rested family. Its funny that I feel more tired lately though!

It was a rough morning. James was very upset and whiny, nonstop. I couldn't figure it out. I finally needed a break and I put him in his crib for what I thought would be 10 minutes. He whimpered a little but then went to sleep! Relief. He woke up a much happier baby :)

Look for another update maybe at the end of the week!

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