Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July

We had a lovely 4th of July with Tia Ana and Tio Rich. We stuck close to home and had BBQ chicken and all the fixings. (Yay Ana and Rich for a great recipe!)

Ana and I had a toned down "Girls Night Out" on Tuesday- we went shopping at Marshall's :) and then out to dinner at Bella in Blaine. It was a great dinner!

On the 4th, Rich and Jim went shopping (!) and checked out the new bowling alley. We are on a bowling kick because of the new Wii game system we have- I will have a bowler's arm soon and not be able to lift James :) Ana and I took James to the park, though it was hot, we didn't stay long. Just long enough for James' favorite- the swings! We came back to the house and let James cool off in his baby pool. He was so cute in it! He kept trying to crawl out of the pool, so maybe next time we will put it on the grass.

Speaking of crawling, James is mobile. He is able to crawl where he wants to go now. He doesn't venture too far, usually just to the couch or to the tv stand (those cables and buttons are tempting) but we definitely need to get those babyproofing plans going ASAP. He is still just army crawling, or dragging himself forward, but he can move fast!

Well, this morning I went with James to interview a family daycare in Blaine. The lady sounded very promising on the phone- she was friendly and seemed knowledgeable. I was excited to go over this morning and check out the daycare, even though she is technically on vacation and no kids would be there. That did change- she did end up taking on some kids at the last moment for "extra" so I saw her interact with kids- but we did have a good chance to talk. Honestly, I can't see James at this house. It was not air-conditioned, smelled musty, had 2 cats (I left with cat hair on my butt), and the house seemed cluttered. The playroom and sleep area were depressing, two little rooms off the living room. And again, honestly, I don't see how this lady would be physically capable of taking care of a curious, crawling, active baby. She was on the larger side and even held James awkwardly. *I* am not in the best of shape and I know that *I* get physically exhausted at the end of the day- so I don't know how she'd do it! (James would be the only baby, the others are 18mo+ or preschool).

I think James would be SAFE, and even loved, at this daycare but I would feel sad leaving him there. Jim wasn't able to go this morning because of a work conflict, but I called him on the way home and he said to trust my first impressions and instincts. It *doesn't* sound like the daycare for us. I will keep looking.

There are more details but I don't want to depress everyone else. (Old, crabby looking husband, neighbor complaints, no baby sign language, junk-filled garage/backyard area apart from play area, but still.)

Anyway, James is finally napping. I'm going to jump online and start looking for more daycares.

Sorry to end this pathetically.

Happy pictures are in Baby Album "July" from our 4th of July holiday :)

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