Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Happy, Baby Sad

Artwork from this week- a Feather Collage.

There's a book that we read at bedtime now called Baby Happy, Baby Sad. The Sad Baby is shown first and he is sick. I tell James that the Baby is sad because he didn't take his medicine. The Happy Baby is playing and having fun because he took his medicine!

Well, I don't think this has quite sunk in with James. He refuses to take his medicine easily. Tonight was the worst. I feel sick that I need to restrain James to get the medicine down his throat. I had one of my fingers in his mouth to get his jaw open just a bit, to get the syringe in there. Owwwwww! That kid is strong!! Sadly, I am winning this battle. I need to. I need to get these antibiotics in his system. There are lots of hugs and kisses after the medicine trauma but it still pains me.

On Friday we had a false alarm with daycare. They called us and told us that James had a temperature of nearly 103 and we needed to pick him up ASAP. I left work in a hurry to get to James while Jim called the doctor. We might have jumped the gun on that one. I brought James home immediately and took his temperature. It was 98! Nothing. He was acting so normally and so happy I started to doubt the daycare and their thermometer accuracy.

I called the clinic and spoke to a nurse. She agreed that it was an impossibility that James' temperature could have gone down THAT much in an hour. We also explained that we were told he had an ear infection on Tuesday and we also missed a dose of antibiotics the night before. Well, we ended up cancelling his appointment. I took his temperature again after naptime and he was of course fine. James has shown NO sign of illness all weekend.

Really, I felt panicked as I drove to pick him up from daycare. With everything going around, to hear about my baby with a temperature?! Scary but it ended up fine.

Today we went to the apple orchard! James was so excited to see the apples. We promised him pumpkin pie and cider. He also got a cookie bonus :)

Mmmm. Cider chocolate chip cookies!

On the way out James insisted on smelling the flowers. So cute.

Back at home, James has LOVED playing in his new "clubhouse" and tunnels. I need to get better pictures of the whole clubhouse, but here he is looking through the tunnel. He was crabbypants after his nap.

A balloon from his birthday party. It was floating around without a string and it kept floating up to the top of the living room ceiling until we had the bright idea of reconnecting it to some curling ribbon. James is having a good time chasing the balloon around the house.

No plans tomorrow! Probably football and baking with apples :)

My tooth is feeling better. It still hurts occasionally and I don't like taking the painkillers- really they don't seem to affect me much.

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