Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful still

I had a great holiday kick-in-the-butt on Monday. I wasn't looking forward to the "work" of organizing and then delivering the holiday meals that my families signed up for through the school. I admit that I grumbled a bit about all that needed to be done. I stopped my grumbling and whining after my first home visit. The Mom was so grateful and obviously needing the holiday food. She was a bit awkward greeting me and I realized she only had one tooth. I don't say that to make fun or be flippant, I say it because I know I've never walked in her shoes and probably never will. I am lucky/blessed to have so many privileges, possessions, and so much love! I delivered the rest of the meals quite happily.

Grateful that a hot meal was waiting for me after that day at work...

Mmmm cranberries!

James continues to thrive at daycare. We are amazed daily by how much he is learning and are thrilled with the artwork that continues to come home.

I wonder if James was supposed to assemble these as a tree?

Ummm, a kitty? I think maybe he meant "Katie", his new favorite teacher at daycare.

Turkey cookies for Thanksgiving at Tia ChaCha's.

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