Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We had leftover cupcakes from James' daycare party and so he had TWO! The daycare teacher told me that the kids didn't know what to make of the owls, but I'm glad that James knew he should EAT it. I made them for James, I'm just glad he liked them.

I like this picture because you can see his little boy hands.

Birthday party!!! James defines a birthday party by cake, presents, and balloons. We had to have it all, of course.

We also added a little decoration.

James was a LITTLE crabby coming out of his nap. He clutched his Dada while our guests waited for the mood to pass.

He was interested in the presents though, but look at that face!

Cupcakes! I made these with much love for our little boy.

James listened while we sang Happy Birthday.

Presents! I didn't capture too many presents in the mad scramble. It was like Christmas!

Flying a paper airplane. We bought the airplanes at FAO Schwartz in Las Vegas.

James is set to cook up a storm!

And make ice cream cones :)

A video game system from Mama and Dada, a keyboard from Uncle Joe. James has shown over and over that he loves music and instruments. I hope its an interest that's here to stay.

Light up drum sticks!

Thanks everyone for the noisy toys :P
And thank you familia for a great birthday!

Please see James' 3rd Year video below. Its long at 20+ minutes! We showed this DVD at the party today.

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  1. Thank you everyone for coming to the party and celebrating James' birthday with us. James really loved all his gifts and I'm sure he'll be kept very busy with them!! Thanks again, and happy birthday James! You are very loved.