Friday, October 30, 2009

"Mama, I peed!"

I heard this cute little voice yelling out to me, "Mama, I peed!" I had put James on the potty and in keeping to his routine, I went to the kitchen to get his three M&M's that he gets just for sitting. (Never give the yellows. You can't see the "M" printed on them. James will fuss.)

TMI warning

So James peed! He was sitting, but he must have stood up again as he peed. I could tell that he was wet, and he had some on his hand, and I saw a bit on the potty seat. A minute later I saw that he must have pointed toward the wall because a small drip stream was on the wall!

A big to do was made about the peeing and by this time James wanted to stand and "finish". He grabbed his penis and pointed toward the potty but nothing. "A" for effort! James got a Dora sticker for his potty chart! We promised more stickers for more potty tomorrow! We even encouraged the poop to be on the potty and James said "Yeah!"

As we did bedtime I chatted to James about going potty tomorrow, going trick or treating, and wearing his costume! It should be an exciting day!

My health: The doctor didn't say anything new really. He thinks I did have another sinus infection and I'm not having proper "drainage" which leads to a cough, snoring (!!), and my sounding stuffed up. (My voice has that "I have a cold" sound.) So I received prescriptions for more antibiotics, an inhaler, and nasal spray. The last two I am to take right before bedtime to help me breathe and SLEEP.

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