Sunday, October 4, 2009

Daycare tour

The kids were all outside so I took a moment to take some quick pictures in the "Orange room".

The daily schedule is posted each day. I like looking at it at the end of each day so I can ask James about the activities or special events.

I think if you put your hands in here you don't come up with anything TOO scary!

I love that there are lots of books and they have storytime daily.

This is the wall of posters. On the bottom there are lists of words.

J is for James!

When James first started I was asked to bring in a family picture. All of the kids have their family pictures on this wall.

I forget why James was upset. When I get there he knows the routine. He knows he gets Blankie and we leave pretty quickly. I think I lingered too long and so we were out of routine.

James' locker is now decorated with a bat. He is sharing his locker now with a part-time kid.

"Mama, time to go."

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