Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall weather

I think I've mentioned that James' new curriculum theme at daycare is Halloween. He showed up with this artsy beauty- a black cat mask! He likes that we hang his art on the refrigerator. I try to take pictures of the art before he pulls the art on and off the fridge and crinkles them.

I was feeling better one day, Jim was watching the baseball game, and James was willing to outside so we did! Its odd that its a struggle to get him to go outside because he used to LOVE being outside. It was a beautiful fall day! (My favorite season!!!)

He also used to love golf. I miss golf! He swung his clubs a little but then got distracted.

This is not a spectacular picture and you can barely see that its James, but it struck me that he is NOT a baby anymore! He looks like one of my middle schoolers with his baggy pants :) And can you see that he is wearing a Star Wars shirt? :)

Such an active boy!

I love this series of pictures! He really had fun with hopscotch.

Distracted again. James spied the kids across the street. I reminded him of their names and he immediately wanted to go over there. He said, "Go say hi ta Spencer." So we did. And Erika. Spencer is a bit older than James but he's delayed. I say that kindly but Spencer doesn't talk or play. He just sorts of grunts at James!

Later on James asked to paint. He must have fingerpainted at daycare lately because that's what he decided to do with his watercolor paints. Very messy.

The fun continues. James eats just okay for dinner but by 6:30 he'll ask for a snack. Usually its popcorn, pudding, or ice cream. Fruit occasionally.

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