Monday, October 19, 2009

Another busy weekend!

James is a lucky boy! He was lucky enough to see all of his local family in one weekend! (We miss Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie though!)

On Saturday morning the boys met Grandma Laura and Uncle Joe for Grandma Laura's birthday breakfast.

On Saturday the Kolden, Hullett, and Tauer familias came together for an early birthday celebration for ME! Tio Donkey and Tia ChaCha came over early to prep for a fabulous dinner and to play with James (their Nugget). (Soooo many nicknames in my family!)

Tio Donkey plays keepaway with James' Blankie. Good thing James wasn't too traumatized!

Or hurt! Nah, James loves the rough and tumble play!

Tia ChaCha came with one of the best presents ever! James has his very own tea set! It is Winnie the Pooh themed and he loves it! We are crossing our fingers that he doesn't break it.

He loved to serve all of us tea, milk, and hunny.

You can never have too many pictures of Grandma Bucka! Isn't she pretty?

Yup, James is always the star of the show!

OMG. Ana and Rich cooked and slaved away to make a feast! We had Waldorf salad (ala M-O-M), Pork chops with onion compote and lemon, potato and garlic pierogi, and Pioneer Woman's deeeelicious cauliflower soup.

It was an outstanding meal. I felt loved!

Oh, speaking of love. Here's my Mom again. Heh.

Oh and my sweetie Jim.

Jim whipped up this ice cream cake. How did he know I wanted one?!

On Sunday afternoon we met Grandpa Roger, Linda, and Linda's son's family (Steve, Millie, and little Jack) at the pumpkin patch in Stillwater. James was so excited to see all of the pumpkins! We had to drag him out of the store part to find Roger and see the other parts of the park.

James had tons of fun exploring and climbing on the pumpkins. Its kind of sad but he thought this was the "pumpkin patch". There didn't seem to be an area where we could explore an actual pumpkin patch.

Okay, I took way too many pictures. I swear I need to take 50 pictures to get ONE or two good ones sometimes though. James never looks at the camera or they are blurry pictures, so bear with me as you scroll down to the many pictures!

James kept asking, "What does the pumpkin say?" He insists a pumpkin says, "Trick or treat!" or "Happy Halloween!"

James loves to bounce!

Grandpa Roger playing peek a boo with James.

I'm King of the World!

Grandpa Roger shows James the wagon that we're about to ride on. We all went for a SPOOKY hay ride.

Grandpa Roger and Linda.

Okay, the hay ride wasn't too spooky. The driver kept telling silly jokes. James learned to lead the laughter every time the driver threw a joke over his shoulder.

I think James looks very content in this picture.

After the pumpkin patch we went to Grandpa Roger's house for dinner. Linda surprised us all with a special birthday dessert- layers of devil's food cake, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, and heath bars in a trifle bowl. I was pleasantly surprised!

James fell asleep on the way home and I carried him upstairs as he was dozing. He woke up though and demanded his regular books :) I sped through all six books, though I feel like a sneaky Mama for skipping pages and shortening them up! He looked so tired though.

Thank you familias for a great weekend!

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