Friday, October 16, 2009

Bedtime routine

I have to laugh at what has become the ridiculousness of bedtime. Tonight I put on my bravest, most patient face and started James on the bedtime routine at an early 7:15 knowing the potty, tooth brushing, bath, and books could drag out a looooooong time.

7:15- I had to convince James that it was indeed bedtime and we needed to sit on the potty. James began begging for Dada. I knew this was his way of distracting me because he takes his turns with Mama and Dada and lately he's been clinging to me. I'm sure he was thinking, Dada come save me from bedtime!

7:20- On the potty James refused the colors of M&M's that I was offering. "No brown!!! I don't want it!" So I did get blue, yellow, and green to make him happy. And then, "I want browwwwwnnnn!" Enough. We moved on to the tooth brushing.

7:25- James is screaming at this point. He refused to pick up the tooth brush so I tried to gently get the brush in his mouth and take a few quick swipes at his teeth. At this point Dada came to see if we were murdering each other. I actually started to laugh at this point, surprisingly calm. (You have to be! You're smarter than the kid and even though there is no "winning", you need to establish who is the Mama/Dada!) James clung to Dada and we said goodnight.

7:30- Dada did follow us upstairs to entertain James while I filled the bath. Extra bubbles to get James in a good mood. It took a small surprise appearance by some squirting fish toys to get James in the mood for his bath and he finally had some fun.

7:45- The squirting fish join us for a towel rub-down, lotion, and pjs. The squirting fish get their own towel (washcloth) to dry off and it magically transforms into a blanket for them too. The fish are sleeping soundly on James' little table.

7:48- Books at last! We went through SIX books: That's Not My Train, Elmo's Birthday Party, Millie Moo, Gossie, Gossie and Gertie, and then Counting Kisses. I really should limit books to three, but its such a good quality time with James and it goes quick enough. I guess as long as he doesn't manipulate that time into "just one more", I think its okay. And he's so darn cute as he follows along with the books- I think he can almost read them on his own now from memory!

8:00- Goodnight! We love you!

Happy Birthday to Grandma Laura!!

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