Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter already?!

It snowed! Overnight our yard and house was covered by a light blanket of snow. James woke up and joined us in bed. I told him to get down and look out the window to see the snow. He looked out and said, "Where the green?"

We broke out his winter coat today and decided it was a good day to start looking around for snowpants and winter boots. (Found them!) James resisted the coat but I think he was glad to have it when the wind hit him! Mama always knows best.

James is still on his finger painting kick. He asks to paint and then gets all excited for "messy fingers"!

James brought home a Witch's hat on Friday. He surprised me by wearing it but he insisted on wearing it backwards.

The back view-

Before lunch James and I played in the "clubhouse". We read a few books and then James wanted to put together his puzzle. I used the opportunity to review his letters- I was happy that he recognizes a few letters like W, X, and S and how nice to enjoy a quiet moment in the sun :)

I think I'm going to have get used to the little quirky things that boys do. I'm sure girls do this too but James has collected a treasure box of "prizes". Here's a peek inside his box-

Lately, James is very attached to particular TV shows. He can follow along and quote most of the scenes in his favorites- Upside Down Show, the "Farm" episode, the theme song from the Fresh Beat Band, etc. In this video I caught James dancing along to the Farm episode. Its actually the second take, I didn't capture the first time on video so I did rewind the show to get this. The first time he danced he was really, really trying to do the Running Man dance. It was hilarious!

The other day Jim and I were busy cleaning the kitchen after dinner and James was quietly playing in the living room. We heard him say, "Poop! Poop!" and point to the ground. Sure enough there was a pile of poop on the carpet. We were so confused! I couldn't figure out how he pooped on the floor with his pants very plainly still on his body! I started to tug at his pants, while Jim had the very gross job of picking up the poop and cleaning the carpet, and I saw that his pull-up diaper had snapped open. The poop wasn't contained inside of it and had slid down his leg. UGH! SO GROSS! I had to lay down James and wipe his legs down and his bum.

Yup! This is so true! Poop happens! (Ana gave me this decorative tile a long, long time ago. How wise she is!)

Yay! We get to see Grandma Rosie tomorrow! We are meeting her for lunch and fun. We thought about going to the Children's Museum but decided not to after all. We might be overly cautious but I couldn't stand the thought of all the germs. Its a very interactive place and James would be touching everything and exploring. I really just want to wait until after his next doctor's appointment and flu shots! So, we'll have other fun and maybe even see Tia ChaCha and Tio Donkey! James was BEGGING to go to their house today, over and over in the car "I wanna go to Donkey and ChaCha's house!" So I hope we get to see them too! James will be thrilled :)

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