Monday, October 12, 2009

The Many Adventures of Nene

Fingerpainting with Mama.
This one went to Grandma Bucka.

This one went to Tia ChaCha.

This one hangs on our refrigerator.

Lazy morning of watching cartoons.

Lounging with a little popcorn and blankets. We snuggled a bit on the couch as we watched Dora.

It takes a while to get James to WANT to brush his teeth. A series of silly words, games, and bribes! Pantless because he just went to the potty. Unsuccessful attempt, but he's still sitting willingly.

I should have put a diaper and pants back on before we headed upstairs for the bath. James was helping me fill the bath and then all of a sudden a stream of pee on the floor. He asked for the potty and so he sat (without his potty seat, me holding him up and James gripping my shoulder).

The bath!

"Messy fingers!"


I hated to end the bath because he was having so much fun, but lately the books at bedtime last a looooong time too. I think tonight we only went through four books.

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