Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall weather

I love fall! October is my favorite month! Apple orchards, birthdays, fall leaves, our anniversary, and getting Baby James ready for winter. We tried on his snowsuit from last year and it still fits! Last year he was barely walking and it was pretty roomy on him. This year it fits perfectly and he will be able to move well. Even his boots (unworn) from last year still fit. Yay!I have a long day today. I have parent/teacher conferences so SuperDada is on his own tonight. He is picking up James from daycare and they'll have a nice night together. I imagine lots of football playing, reading books, and climbing on Dada :)

Oh and I'm sure James will insist on this:It is his new thing. He will climb on his chair and snuggle up with the blanket. If he can't wrap the blanket around himself, he will call for us and we'll finish the job. Its his favorite tv watching position (though we're still trying to cut back). A great show that James LOVES is the Backyardigans. Its a kids show on the Noggin channel. There is a cute penguin character named Pablo, and some other animals. James is able to recognize Pablo. He attempts to say Pablo but it comes out like "Paaabo."

I hope daycare enjoyed the apple cake I brought this morning. We are trying to use up those apples from the orchard so I made a small cake and mini cakes last night. I brought the heart-shaped cake to Sandra and she said the kids will love it.

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