Monday, December 1, 2014

Day Off

It was a day off from school, for both James and myself, but I found a need to get to my school to do one last little thing. James was a trooper and came along.


He's always very polite when he meets the people at my building. The school secretaries just gush over him. And his eyelashes, of course.

He'd been wanting to meet my principal for a while. He had already but he doesn't remember. He wanted to discuss his mom's work hours- he says that I work too much and that I go to work too early in the morning. It is too dark when I leave!

My principal wasn't there but we did run into one of the assistant principals, Mr. Dahl. Mr. Dahl is a known wise ass and when James told him about our dilemma he had quite a chuckle. He made some choice comments about the work that I do and that I get plenty of breaks, so don't worry kid!

Oh well. Off to McDonald's!

I don't know about this pose. I think he was just trying to be funny.



His hair was getting quite long so we went for a haircut. We then went to Hans bakery for a reward.

Mmmmmmm Texas donut. We snagged the last two. I think the people behind me were pretty disappointed!



So when we got home James dug into his donut. I casually asked Jim if he had an easy day at work. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, I had the day off. I didn't know he had the day off! When I left the house he was on his laptop, like you see in the background of this picture. If I had known he had the day off I don't think I would've run all those errands I did and maybe we could've done something as a family though I am sure that Jim enjoyed his time to himself though :)


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