Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Laundry day

Picture: Added at 6pm- I came downstairs to find Jim teaching James how to play poker online! See other pictures in the Baby Album "James Week Two". It turns out that James helped Jim win $5...

Today is laundry day for all of the Tauers, of course James' laundry got first priority. Its amazing how many little outfits, burp cloths, receiving blankets, washcloths, diaper change pads, etc... that a baby goes through!

I guess its just a productive day. Jim put together the stroller, I cleaned up James' room, made a grocery list (Jim is out at the store right now), and now I'm just waiting for James' next round of diapering and feeding. He's been really well behaved since last night. No fussing. He even has let me swaddle his arms down for the last two naps- I think its letting him sleep more soundly. He doesn't scratch himself or jolt himself out of his nap.

I can't believe how handsome he is :) I see a lot of Jim in him. He just has my dark hair and nose, supposedly. He's still so tiny and its such fun to look at his cute little toes and belly!

Today's plans: Take a long shower, organize the kitchen a little (bottles everywhere), and give James a bath.

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