Thursday, November 30, 2006

Poor Jim

I disrupted his busiest work day (Thursdays) by asking him to take the 4:30am feeding, meaning he would also be up at 7:30am too. I wanted the extra couple of hours of sleep. I woke up and poor Jim was juggling his work, a cranky, runny-nosed James, several poopy diapers in an hour, and an upcoming feeding. I quickly took James so that Jim could get back to work. It was just bad timing that all this was going on at once for Jim. He should have woke my lazy butt up!

Early morning experiment: We tried out the Baby Bjorn again! (Yesterday was only for 5 minutes.) I put James in the Bjorn hoping that I could get some breakfast for myself. It worked. He was asleep in the Bjorn up until I started moving around too much. The only thing I'm worried about is James' breathing space in the Bjorn. He's so close to my body that I'm constantly looking down to make sure I'm not smothering him.

Oh that reminds me! It was an awful scary moment last night when the monitor alarm went off! Our baby monitor not only transmits his cries/noises but it also sounds an alarm when it doesn't sense movement (breathing). The alarm went off and I leapt out of bed and ran to the nursery. James has been breathing funny (really heavy, nasally) so I truly was worried that something was wrong. So I got to his crib and all was quiet. I quickly touched him so I could see him breathe and move. He was fine. I still don't know if something was wrong or the monitor is just really sensitive. In any case, I'm glad we have the monitor. Better to be safe!

James is still really cranky!
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