Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sweet relief!

Jim purchased a baby monitor yesterday and it works! James was fed at 8pm, put down at 9pm, and woke himself up at midnight. We didn't hear a peep from him until he woke himself up and was hungry. The monitor probably did pick up his fussing but it wasn't loud enough for us to hear (which is good). We definitely did hear his cries though.

The monitor is really cool because it does have a movement sensor on it. It picks up the slightest movement like his heartbeat. If something were terribly wrong and he wasn't moving, an alarm would sound.

So after his midnight feeding, he was out until 4:30am and Daddy Jimmy took over. I was able to sleep in but I did have to wake up early to address my milk supply. (I can't go more than 5 hours.) So now I'm up at 6am but I feel so much more well-rested.

New: some pictures in Baby Album "Mom & James" and a short video in My Baby Video Clips, "Fussy Baby". I don't think too many people have seen Baby James fussy... he's usually sleeping when we have visitors. And this isn't James at his fussiest!

I took some self-portraits of James and I laying on the floor. We had just finished a tummy time session and I was trying to keep him awake (during the day). It was fun :)

Today's plans: we're visiting Great Aunt Betty & Uncle Don in St. Paul.

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