Sunday, November 19, 2006

Super Dad

I wanted to publicly thank Daddy Jimmy for waking up with James last night. I got some much needed rest! I feel "normal"!

Oh, I should also add that Jim is becoming a pro with those poopy diapers!

So now I'm up before 7am and I have breakfast in the works, I went out into the freezing morning for the newspaper, and I'm about to start a wake-up with James. I want Jim to wake up and relax right away. He needs his energy for football all day! I'm sure James will join him.

We don't have any plans today except Grandpa Roger is coming over this afternoon/tonight.

More later when "things" start to happen!

There's a few new pictures in the "James-Week Two" Baby Album. I caught a few bonding moments between Jim and James :)

Later: Grandpa Roger did visit. It was cute seeing him hold James and to see how proud he is of him. Uncle Joe & Aunt Kathy also came to visit. Both were lucky enough to see James in a great mood :) See the pictures in the Baby Album, "James-Week Two".

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