Saturday, February 22, 2014

Play date with a girl!

My friend Sara met us at the Shoreview Community Center in early January for a play date with her kids. Her little girl Nora is adorable and all of 3 years old. Her little man is only 1 years old. James was the big kid of the group. He was so sweet and helped Nora down this slide because she was a little afraid. He held her hand all the way down. My heart could have burst with the cuteness but also because I was proud of him.



He wanted to try everything at the play structure and took a lot of pride in the fact that he could reach all of the "tall" play things. He is getting pretty strong! It's all that milk and fruit :)



I was also proud of my boy when he didn't complain one bit about the cold. Sara also had a itty bitty baby that she was babysitting, after one of our teacher friends (who also participated in the play date) had to leave for a doctor's appointment. I didn't know how Sara would get all three kids to her car so I helped carry the baby (in the car seat) while she herded her little ones through the cold parking lot.

James was the big kid and didn't require herding or even hand holding. I forgot how heavy those car seats are! OMG. So after they were safe in their mini van, we had to walk through the parking lot to the far end to our car. James was a trooper. And it was dang cold!


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