Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick Baby- Day #2

James cried in his sleep off and on since 4:30am. I would listen and he would stop within a minute. At 6am it seemed like he was really awake so I got up to get him. He was still sleeping. He felt VERY warm so I woke him up to get him changed, give him medicine, and take his temp. It was 102.5, a temp but probably normal considering he's sick and has his ear infection.

Our sick baby spent a lot of time on my lap this morning, watching TV. We've drastically cut back on his TV, but I'm spoiling him and keeping him happy. He had an okay bottle and a small amount of oatmeal, so I'm happy about that. He's been very crabby, hot, snotty, and clingy.

I did get him to smile a few times, so there is a happy boy in there somewhere!

Right now I can hear him stirring. He's had a hard time napping. Off and on crying, sniffling, coughing. I'm going to get him soon to cuddle and just get through the day.

Poor Baby James!

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