Friday, October 17, 2014

Nerf Madness

There was this day.


Jim's friend gave us a bin of large, crazy Nerf guns. Huge ones. You should have seen the look in James' eyes when he saw the bin. The picture above kind of expresses his excitement!


There were always friends around to play with during the summer.

One friend-



Many friends-


Sometimes solo!


Sometimes I don't think James realized how active he's been. He laid on the floor to "rest" and fell asleep for a bit.


Here he took apart one of his duplicate guns. He insisted he knew what he was doing- a modification he saw on YouTube. Well, it's still in pieces but it was a good experience for him.


I even found a Nerf backpack for back-to-school! Yeah, well he quickly negotiated a deal with me to keep it for his Nerf stuff. Another backpack was purchased for school. Whatever works!




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