Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Jim was lucky enough to attend James' Halloween party at daycare. I had an all day workshop in Bloomington so I was unable :(

I was sent these cute pictures from the party-

James is a Spooky Pirate!

Prepping at home for our big night out-

Costume? Check! Sword? Check!

Giggly boy? Check!

In the car, James sang this song:

We headed to Uncle Joe's for our first stop.

Grandma Laura was there too.

When it was dark we went back to our 'hood. James wanted to check the candy bowl. We left a bowl in our absence, and I'm glad that the kids weren't too greedy. There was still candy left! James was happy.

First stop.

It was a perfect night. Just a crescent moon, a little chilly but nice!

James unloaded his loot and picked out two candies to eat before bedtime. He was so happy!

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