Sunday, January 23, 2011


Indoor winter activities are hard. When we decided to head to the Mall of America, we were excited for James because he'd get to see the remodeled LegoLand and hopefully he'd be brave enough for some rides at the Nickelodeon park.

Wow! He was so excited to get on a ride!

We chose a Diego Adventure ride. It was this safari bus with lots of rows, and adults fit too so the three of us found our seats. It looks like a small little ride, but it went pretty high up and around pretty darn fast. I was feeling a little woozy myself!

"Mommy, this is fun!"

James was very excited to see this mural. He just saw a Diego epiosode with the Mama Sloth.

We saw LegoLand in the distance and thought we could stop for a quick visit. We had promised James one "small box" of Legos. Those Lego sets can get pretty expensive so we thought if we kept it small, it would be about $10-$15. James immediately focused on a (large) SW Lego set with the Wampa Beast. Luckily we found a small box of Toy Story "army guys" and he was so happy. We thought we got off pretty easy at the end :)

The remodeled store is much improved, I think. The layout is really wide open and all the toy sets are on the far walls. There is lots of space for the crowds, and some new Lego statues.

So we found our Lego set and then James considered the day done. We tried to walk through the rest of the Nickelodeon park but James just wanted to go home and put together his Lego set. We spent a total of one hour at the MOA. It was a shame but next time we know to buy the toy LAST.

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