Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just the Two of Us

When Jim is out at pool, I try and do something special with James (provided I'm healthy, of course). Tonight we made chocolate waffles and James actually tried them and liked them. I was shocked!

Afterwards we played a bit and watched his two shows before bedtime. Two shows seems like a lot sometimes but James plays and half watches the shows lately. He is loving his Batman "castle", his Legos, firetrucks, and new "Army guys".

I couldn't resist this shot of his bottom. I think it's hilarious to watch him, he delights in being naked sometimes and his little bottom is so cute. I can say that as his Mother :)

His hair is getting long so I had some fun with a shampoo mohawk.

This is his obligatory, "take the picture Mom!" smile.

Bathtimes haven't been going very well lately. There is always some reason to cry. Tonight was different. He went into the bath in a good mood and I just kept a good reading of his mood. If he didn't like something (too much scrubbing, too much water, etc.) I distracted or changed gears. It was a short bath but we got through it with no drama.
The most fun part was wrapping him in a big towel and carrying him "like a baby" into his room. He giggled and had so much fun. We played for a little bit with the towel and he was so happy. It makes me happy too.

I love this little boy when he is playful and happy especially!

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