Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lego Master

In late June we signed James up for a Lego Star Wars movie class. It was described as a class for 5-8 year olds. It turned out he was the only 5 year old (I saw the class roster). I was a little anxious to leave him for four hours but it turned out well.


After the first day he told me that the bigger boys didn't give him turns on the computer. They were four boys per computer. I gave him a good pep talk and told him that he needed to speak up for himself. This prompted this little outburst...

"Mom, tomorrow I'm going to speak up for myself. I'm going to stand up for myself and show them what I'm made of!"

WHAT?! I admit that I laughed a tiny bit and then asked him where he heard those words. He told me... Clifford! Clifford the Big Red Dog taught my son a really good lesson :)

So he had those words and I gave him another pep talk in the car, on the way to Tuesday's session. I also snuck a little conversation in with the instructor and she promised to keep an eye on James and make sure he got adequate computer time.

James didn't report much on Tuesday night. He only said they played with Legos and he had fun.

On Wednesday night, after the last session, he told me that most of the 4 hour morning he played with the Legos and did not get on the computers. Grrrr. He said there was one other boy playing with the Legos, some of the time.

So I imagined my little boy playing by himself, probably content, but he should have been participating in the class. It was kind of disappointing. I haven't had any response from the instructor. And we haven't seen any videos posted online (as promised) of the work each team did.

We would still sign him up for classes. He was a little young for the content but I trusted that the teacher knew what she was doing. Maybe not though!

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