Friday, July 20, 2012

The Weekend of Love

A few weekends ago we had a jam packed weekend of weddings and family togetherness. We had a Friday night wedding, a Saturday day wedding, and then a Sunday BBQ with the familia to celebrate my baby sis and bro's return to America!

My friend Anna married her longtime love Kevin. It was a great casual, intimate wedding at Bunker Hills. I loved my own wedding but could imagine the same kind of wedding for myself. Just a few people, quick ceremony, and food. Even better. s'mores!



Putting my feet up and enjoying the firepit! We roasted marshmallows for s'mores!


My work friends, minus Anna though. Denise, Kari, Erin, and Tatiana. Lovely ladies. Most of these ladies work(ed) in my department.


On Saturday we headed to the Silver Buckle stables for the ceremony and then the Minneapolis Golf Club for the reception. Swanky! Hetty and Mitch. Yay for love!

A different work group. These are my CRMS buddies! Pat, Abby, Hetty, Mitch, Emily, Rick, Peggy, Diane, Julie, me, Bobbi, Jess, and Karen. Fun time!


Meanwhile, James was having fun with the Hulletts, Koldens, and Esteves familias. They took my little guy gambling! Horse races :) He came home with the best horse balloon. He loved that thing!


Ahhh the swing!


My baby sis. She looks like a shopping diva. A lady who likes to lunch. A world traveler!


It was a great weekend! I thank my husband for meeting all of these new people and being my arm candy :)

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