Sunday, July 22, 2012



So many sets. So much enjoyment. Each set stays put together for a few weeks but gradually the parts get deconstructed and constructed again into James' own creations. He started to ask to put together some of his sets again and it was getting harder and harder to find the little pieces.

Jim, my hero, bought these storage units to organize all of the tiny pieces by color or category. We have all the blues, reds, yellows, whites, grays, blacks together. And then all of the wheels, printed pieces, windows, minifigures, and then their accessories in their own bins. It is SO MUCH EASIER to find Legos now. It still takes a good chunk of time to track down a specific gray piece, for example, but at least it's not as daunting :)


Jim has also organized the Lego instruction books by type (Star Wars, Harry Potter, City, Castle, Ninjago, Aliens, SpongeBob, etc.) and then he put them in page protectors within a few binders.



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