Friday, August 29, 2014

Misc. House items

We had our deck rebuilt this summer. A company removed and replaced our old railing, and Jim removed and replaced the floorboards. We stained and then we were back in business!

In this picture you can see the city workers measuring and analyzing the pond. I'm glad James didn't pay too much attention to this- I didn't want him getting any ideas of exploring the pond!



Staining the deck! Oh what fun!




We hosted a neighborhood meeting in our yard. City officials were invited to discuss our pond and yards.


Note to self: I need a nicer tablecloth. Slim pickings here.

The drink was nice though! We can't go wrong serving that one.



And finally our finished deck. It looks great!


And Jimmy bought me a new chair! I call the color butterscotch. It's so nice!


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