Monday, August 11, 2014

Busy day & Cooking lessons 2 & 3



James and I went out to the yard to do some work. Look at my hibiscus tree! It loved June! I can't believe I've actually kept these alive for 3+ years!


And then we spied this cute chipmunk. James wanted to capture it for a pet. No.


New gardening gloves! Orange, even!


Cooking lesson #2: Chocolate Cake. Another request!


You gotta lick the beater.





He was so proud! He really did help with every single step. Sometimes he says he's helping but he wanders away in down time. This time I made sure he was there for everything. So he owned that cake!

Setting up three plates so we can try his cooking.


It was super moist. I think we didn't let it cool properly and maybe it was undercooked. He still loved it! And wanted a piece at every meal.



Cooking lesson #3: Chicken sandwiches.

Not to be confused with his beloved crispy chicken (strips).

He didn't show much interest in this lesson- until it was time to eat!


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