Friday, August 29, 2014


We've been through several obsessions in this house. Some have been very fun and memorable, some have been expensive and messy.

Right now we are still in the midst of James' Nerf obsession. The guns were organized at one point but they have returned to my living room floor as clutter. We'll get them cleaned up hopefully this weekend.

Darts everywhere.


The best obsession began when James was not even two years old. I remember that he was miserably sick and Dada came home with an unexpected present. A huge plastic golf club! I think it was love at first sight. James played golf inside all winter long and we had probably fifty light golf balls everywhere in sight.

In the spring we moved outside with REAL metal clubs, oh my! It was a fun next few summers of mini golf courses, driving ranges, San Diego beach golfing, etc. I remember being at my grandfather's 100th birthday fiesta and all James wanted to do was golf. It was the cutest!

Neighbors would pass by in disbelief. His swing was surprisingly accurate. They would say, Wow he's going to be the next Tiger Woods! (before that was a not so nice thing to say...)

Well, enjoy this trip back in time. These are some great memories and I really enjoyed looking back at his old pictures!


After golf his next obsession was Legos. That obsession literally hurt! Our wallets and our feet! Have you ever stepped on a Lego? Ouch!

The beginning of his massive collection. Later on we move to plastic organizing bins, Legos sorted by color.




His 5th birthday party was Lego themed.

Sneaky even made a Lego creation. Christmas 2011.


This was our living room back then. Lego city.


We've also gone through Star Wars, Angry Birds, Mario bros., Minecraft, etc.

I kinda miss Legos. Seems so much safer than running around the neighborhood with a gang of boys!


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